The dot on the ceiling

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Harrowing and narrowing into the void

Sat 09 February 2019

Some mornings I wake up thoroughly, warmly and safely enclosed in my comforter. Yet, as my consciousness gradually emerges from its slumber, it tears the fabric of reality.

Or so it feels, at least.


What tears is my perception of the contact between my body and the fabric around me …


Sun 26 August 2018

My friend Mei-Li, of business and artistic fame, invited me to her birthday party yesterday. She thus offered me the opportunity to meet and mingle with a social group which was both new and afar from my usual crowd.

As expected by social protocol, strangers were fast-tracking to acquaintances by …


Sat 09 June 2018

“One way to understand neurodiversity is to think in terms of human operating systems. Just because a PC is not running Windows, doesn’t mean that it’s broken. By autistic standards, the ‘normal’ human brain is easily distractable, obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail …