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May Update

Wed 29 May 2024

The house project, thankfully, is winding down. I predict there will be many more months of finishing touches and interior design, but at least my home can drop back to the background again. That being said, earlier this month, I briefly started to worry while contemplating the large number of …

April Update

Tue 30 April 2024

This month was mainly dedicated to managing the house project. This job has been quite intense lately and I will soon need a vacation.


Perhaps a picture shows it best:

If you find this looks like an industrial workshop, you are not wrong. Between three and twelve workers share this …

March Update

Mon 01 April 2024

The main story this month is that I traveled to Vancouver in late February, then to Seattle, then to the French Alps. Eight months of emotional buildup were released during my flight back from Geneva a week ago.


There are just four overlapping stories here.

The first story is factual …