The dot on the ceiling

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More Data Needed

Mon 20 May 2019

Today, at this small hour of the night, a window opened through the shell.

As I told you, I wish the world was different, I truly do.

In a parallel universe, I would know how to express my feelings with both words and actions. I would know how to tell …

Autism challenges on the workplace

Tue 02 April 2019

It’s Autism Awareness Week!

For the occasion, I will share my experience of autism on the workplace. With some specific about Cockroach Labs, since I work regularly with that crowd.


I worked ten years not knowing much about autism, nor knowing I should, nor knowing this about myself. In …

Harrowing and narrowing into the void

Sat 09 February 2019

Some mornings I wake up thoroughly, warmly and safely enclosed in my comforter. Yet, as my consciousness gradually emerges from its slumber, it tears the fabric of reality.

Or so it feels, at least.


What tears is my perception of the contact between my body and the fabric around me …