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March Update

Mon 01 April 2024

The main story this month is that I traveled to Vancouver in late February, then to Seattle, then to the French Alps. Eight months of emotional buildup were released during my flight back from Geneva a week ago.


There are just four overlapping stories here.

The first story is factual …

February Update

Mon 19 February 2024

Much happened already in the last two weeks and the next few weeks are guaranteed their own share of novelty, now is a good time for a checkpoint. My apologies for this unplanned and, hopefully, unusual burst of writing.


Last Wednesday, I was driving ~450km (~280 miles) back from a …

January Update

Wed 31 January 2024

The past few days have graced me with the most excellent sleep I have experienced in many months. This is likely a non-determinate consequence of three circumstances: a month of sleep deprivation coming to an end; resuming my exercise routine; and owning two new, high-quality pillows. One of these things …