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“Pride month” in the 21st century

Sun 06 June 2021

There is a “pride”-themed group at work. That group has existed for a couple of years already. I chose to ostensibly associate with it when it started, because at the time there were just 2-3 folk thinking about it, and one more name on a list made a huge …

Legitimacy fee

Thu 13 May 2021

Earlier this week a friend casually asked: “what does this work mean for you?” I answered: “well, it’s just a job, I trade my labor for money.”

The friend then challenged me: “if what you say is true, why do you seem to do so many things at work …

When money has no price

Sun 09 May 2021

Earlier today my mom was complaining that the citizens where she lives were asocial bums, “smooching off the system” by claiming government benefits fraudulently. I was pushing back against her complaints, reminding her that this was a minority and that the remaining majority of citizens were not voting for a …