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Language and identity 2010-03-31

Transitioning… Happening, without me even realizing.

The though tonight surfaced when considering the origin of the headache that bothered me all this evening. I have known this headache for a few years already; it happens every now and then, the pain creates each time a sensation of déjà-vu without clear …

2010 — the teenage years begin! 2010-01-02

Disclaimer: this is a post about its author. If you just want to be entertained, you can skip reading.

One more page turning. While I have spent the official “big party time” of the year quite comfortably lying on a couch, watching TV and playing video games, the occasional greeting …

Quiz for the New Year 2007-12-30

Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, evaluate how you were happy in 2007 and what you’re up to for 2008:

  1. Have you been healthy in 2007? Are there major illnesses preparing for 2008?
  2. Have you had sex in 2007? How do you plan to have sex in 2008?
  3. Have …
Using the Brother printer drivers with FreeBSD 2007-06-02

A while ago I acquired a Brother laser printer, model HL-2030. This is a cheap printer with excellent printing quality (up to 1200dpi) and power saving features. Moreover, it supports the standard printer language PCL-5 which makes it “polite” to free and open operating systems — such as, GNU …

FreeBSD 7, ZFS, GEOM, USB, don’t panic! 2007-04-26

Last week my company sold old hardware for a bargain price. I got one, a dull Dell machine self-named “Optiplex GX 260”. It gained a place in my home next to Albert — my plant — and also a new name: “fungus”.

Fungus was the occasion to refresh my experience with FreeBSD …

Here be dragons 2007-03-08

Tomorrow evening I will be in a train to Paris, France, as a stopover to the French alps. A week of vacation and sports should follow. Assuming enough snow, I will be riding a snowboard for the first time in the 3 vallées.

Leaving for vacation is, by all means …

Voilà, ça c’est fait 2007-01-15
  • go to a gay bar, dance like crazy, hook into a random guy’s eyes, exchange two times two stupid^Wsimple conversation lines, kiss, fondle and dance together, play tongue catch with an ice cube, and then leave the place with no real intent to see him again-


Well …

Love the attention, please! 2006-12-26

The main reason behind my receiving my mother and brother at home for the two Christmas days was to take a point across to myself (first) and to my family (next).

It has to do, of course, with emancipation. I needed to make a statement, make it clear that the …

An intimate achievement 2006-12-05

Activity on the workplace has been quite hectic for the last few months. Increase in work load, decrease in business, environment changes piling up one over another, conflicts, political dances, uncertainty… Although I could handle everything until now, I was spared nothing.

Yesterday I felt that I reached my limits …

Aller simple 2006-01-28

aller simple