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Adaptability to oil supply 2010-04-13

The US military has warned that surplus oil production capacity could disappear within two years and there could be serious shortages by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact.

Reminds me of a comment from another time:

Imagine for a moment, then, that we’re discussing an experiment involving …

Wait and see 2010-04-12

After Cameron shook the movie experience with Avatar 3D, movie studios have started jumping the bandwagon by adding an extra dimension to their shoots in post-production. The results are ugly! Have these people any standards at all?

Katzenberg, Bay and Cameron think that after-the-shoot 3D will so degrade the viewing …

2010 — the teenage years begin! 2010-01-02

Disclaimer: this is a post about its author. If you just want to be entertained, you can skip reading.

One more page turning. While I have spent the official “big party time” of the year quite comfortably lying on a couch, watching TV and playing video games, the occasional greeting …

Science statements on “climate change” 2009-12-21


Simultaneously, found on the Independer:

Climate models, which is what the “scientists” use cannot produce evidence. They give a large number of “what if” scenarios. Picking one of these because it fits with the political message is snake-oil selling; not science.

Go check …

Will you donate your organs? 2009-12-21

In the Netherlands, you should register via the Donor Register. In all countries, the most important is to tell about your choice to your friends and family! They will support your decision and/or accept the request to donate if you end up in a position to donate without being …

Questions for a mundane conversation 2008-07-14

Today’s conversation added to the list of concerns evolving around my mind at the moment:

  • will China invade Siberia when oil becomes scarce? or Iran?
  • what will be the form of the next conflict between Japan and China?
  • who will end up controlling North Korea?
  • why doesn’t the …
The Masters of ambitions 2007-04-12

The lastest project I’m involved into is trying to get into additional studies. The initial idea was to build a network of fellow Dutch students to 1) get some kind of educational “legitimacy” in the country and 2) hang out with the natives. Of course, I could use some …

Meet the new French language 2007-03-19

The following is a quote from a semi-official Usenet newsgroup for the French institution EPITECH where current and soon-to-be students can meet and discuss their past and future education in computer science:

moi chui pa un intelektuel mer g ete pri fo just avoir la motiv couz. moi jveu savoir …