Science statements on “climate change”


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Climate models, which is what the “scientists” use cannot produce evidence. They give a large number of “what if” scenarios. Picking one of these because it fits with the political message is snake-oil selling; not science.

Go check the meaning of “chaotic” in the mathematical sense. A dynamic, complex, chaotic system - Earth’s climate - cannot be predicted with any certainty, because each element can undergo a small variation which can have a large effect on the whole. This means there are an infinite number of possible outcomes, none of which are any more certain than any other.

Further, climate models exclude two of the most important climate factors - behaviour of oceans and clouds - because computers lack the power to make the necessary calculations.

It is not possible to predict climate with any certainty at any point in the future.

To say scientists have produced evidence of what a 2C - or any other value - will do to the Earth’s climate is nonsense.

The models are programmed with the assumption that CO2 can only have a strong positive forcing effect; which is not supported in the peer reviewed scientific literature.

The result of computer models which rely on an assumption cannot be used to prove that assumption.

In any case observation over the past 11 years shows the Earth’s climate is not warming by the 0.2C per decade predicted by the IPCC - in fact it is cooling.

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