The Masters of ambitions

The lastest project I’m involved into is trying to get into additional studies. The initial idea was to build a network of fellow Dutch students to 1) get some kind of educational “legitimacy” in the country and 2) hang out with the natives. Of course, I could use some intellectual challenges as well.

For this purpose, I will be visiting the TU Delft tomorrow afternoon and see what kind of education I can find there. No specific plans yet, I’ll just be checking out what’s available.

Then there are plenty of other projects I should be involved with as well. In addition to planning numerous travel plans (only part of which I will probably accomplish) I should be:

  • creating a website for a new guest house in Burgundy,
  • keeping in touch with the people who count,
  • writing code, tests and documentation for a Python -based project of mine,
  • reading the several books I received lately, including a Treaty of Government from John Locke and some algebra theory,
  • preparing some language exams that I plan to take before summer,
  • strengthening my general knowledge and culture, including possibly visiting cultural places in the country.

And on top of that I can’t even manage to do my laundry on time… I’m a joke.