Wait and see

After Cameron shook the movie experience with Avatar 3D, movie studios have started jumping the bandwagon by adding an extra dimension to their shoots in post-production. The results are ugly! Have these people any standards at all?

Katzenberg, Bay and Cameron think that after-the-shoot 3D will so degrade the viewing experience that people will not want to pay extra for it. And since 3D is so expensive, without the extra income the 3D market could collapse altogether.

In other words, viewers will not buy shitty movies from late comers to the game, unless they movies are done right. Doh!

The strategy is simple: as viewer, watch Avatar once, then shun any production that is not “natively” 3D and of at least comparable quality. Studios and producers will get the point, and fast.

For what it’s worth, I plan myself to wait 3-4 years before I visit a 3D screen again.