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When money has no price 2021-05-09

Earlier today my mom was complaining that the citizens where she lives were asocial bums, “smooching off the system” by claiming government benefits fraudulently. I was pushing back against her complaints, reminding her that this was a minority and that the remaining majority of citizens were not voting for a …

Adaptability to oil supply 2010-04-13

The US military has warned that surplus oil production capacity could disappear within two years and there could be serious shortages by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact.

Reminds me of a comment from another time:

Imagine for a moment, then, that we’re discussing an experiment involving …

Wait and see 2010-04-12

After Cameron shook the movie experience with Avatar 3D, movie studios have started jumping the bandwagon by adding an extra dimension to their shoots in post-production. The results are ugly! Have these people any standards at all?

Katzenberg, Bay and Cameron think that after-the-shoot 3D will so degrade the viewing …

Questions for a mundane conversation 2008-07-14

Today’s conversation added to the list of concerns evolving around my mind at the moment:

  • will China invade Siberia when oil becomes scarce? or Iran?
  • what will be the form of the next conflict between Japan and China?
  • who will end up controlling North Korea?
  • why doesn’t the …
Impertinent irresponsibility 2008-07-04

Evidence shows clearly that we will not be able to eat fish in the future unless strong global policing action is taken now. We know already that future generations will never enjoy cod as a popular and usual dish. Still, even so-called “developed” countries make irrational political moves about fishing …

The four hour workweek 2007-06-30

A few weeks ago Timothy Ferris’ The Four Hour Workweek entered my reading agenda. The book certainly looks nice - hardcover, golden borders, and the inside is refreshingly sparse, spaced, easy to read.

The rationale for this book is appealing: most people seek a life of achievements outside work, but do …

Men — Not Women — bring wealth to countries 2007-04-17

In a recent study made by the NBER (National Bureau of Echonomic Research) and commented recently on Slate, it is shown that

there is a negative relationship between real GDP per capita and the female-male difference in total work time per day — the sum of work for pay and work …
Fresh breeze through the smog 2007-02-09

`Wacquant <>`__ envoyé par `jeanbeatles <>`__

This video was set as a decoration on the sidebar of a weblog I read every now and then: essaisconcepts. For the non-French-literate, the speaker on the video explains that some random idea …

How to get saved by the Lord and Get Rich Quick 2006-12-27

When I stumbled across this piece of politically incorrect art about the close relationship between religion and economics (reminds me of the one between religion and football) I felt amused at first, then scared about how obvious the link is and how very few people do actually notice.

And then …