Fresh breeze through the smog

`Wacquant <>`__ envoyé par `jeanbeatles <>`__

This video was set as a decoration on the sidebar of a weblog I read every now and then: essaisconcepts. For the non-French-literate, the speaker on the video explains that some random idea is mistakenly considered as solid fact by most people, namely that work should be the basis for active life in society. The discourse — a sort of verbal essay — goes on explaining how building around this idea leads to misery and unhappiness, but unfortunately fails at presenting how to actually build otherwise. Or it may have been explained, but the explanation is not part of this recording.

Despite the missing (important) bits, I find this kind of energetic presentation refreshing. Witnessing this display of unconventional thinking in public is a relief, as it is symptomatic of shared hope for change in the future.