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Sparkles and fireflies 2019-11-02

It was in a dream world not much unlike ours. I discovered myself wandering with a duffelbag, one containing clothing and other gear after some time away camping.

Arrived at an car dealership, selling what appeared at first to be cars from multiple generations, but also, as I gradually noticed …

Fishing for new avenues 2011-02-22

A bit annoyed at myself for missing the January update. Somehow at the end of last year I set myself as a goal to post at least monthly, and I didn’t start 2011 very well. I’ll try to make up for it, promise.

Also I celebrated this month …

Droom van 9 september 2010 2010-09-12

Het verhaal zoals ik het mij herinner:

N. zingt opera in een gebouw dat op een bibliotheek lijkt. Zij stopt, zij is de tekst vergeten. Ik zoek de rest van het liedje met mijn mobieltje op Google. Voordat ik de resultaten krijg begint in de achtergrond een hoge stem het …

An unlikely encounter 2009-08-12

Strange and unexpected: those are the first two qualifiers that come to my mind for this evening.

For a start, I was not expecting such a successful date. The energiest, pretty and extra-ordinary girl I planned to have dinner with reached me with her life projects. As we went through …

An excursion to a foreign world 2008-08-18

As far as the stereotype about urban gay men approaching their forties goes, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren do not deceive while adding a pinch of seriousness to their worldly concerns by means of glasses with thick black frames.

I have never been a fashionista myself, and will probably not …

Unlikely “short” itineraries 2008-06-21

One of my favorites pastimes when procrastinating: looking up unusual ways to travel by train. Using the journey planner with the largest database that I know of, I set myself imaginary goals and I search:

  • the longest journey that can be achieved within a day: Marseille-Malmö
  • the longest journey in …
Quote of the Day — How to emigrate 2007-04-23

The following quote summarizes roughly a number of ideas I have a lot of troubles explaining. However, I feel that many people emigrate for the wrong reasons, one of them being simply unsatisfied with living in the previous place. Here it goes:

[…] Emigration is no small business. In addition to …

MAN Takraf RB293 and Krupp Bagger 288 2007-02-17

Quote from ArticlesBase :

Bucket-wheel excavators are heavy equipment used in surface mining and civil engineering. The excavation component itself is a large rotating wheel mounted on an arm or boom. On the outer edge of the wheel is a series of scoops or buckets. As the wheel turns, the buckets …

Cultural integration 2007-01-06

At 6 this morning I woke up panting and sweating from a terrifying nightmare.

It all started with a quite long dream with an intricate story. The dream was about me being on a road trip to reconnect with old friends, and I was on my way back with the …