Fishing for new avenues

A bit annoyed at myself for missing the January update. Somehow at the end of last year I set myself as a goal to post at least monthly, and I didn’t start 2011 very well. I’ll try to make up for it, promise.

Also I celebrated this month the end of my fifth year in the low countries, a personal milestone on a path to success. Yay to myself \o/

The topic of the day is a small frustration at communication channels.

As both my academic interests and my work-related social network are starting to grow somehow, needs start to show to “market” a public online persona in some specific ways expected in the field; in particular a “profile page” with achievements, interests, worldly writings, etc. is in order.

This implies a communication “hub” of some sort. An avenue where I can both write semi-professionally, receive comments, and link with other news feeds. In technical terms, this in turn implies a personal publishing platform with “serious” features like decent support for syndication and comments.

Self-hosted, of course.

And no PHP nor MySQL, Thank You Very Much. Wordpress is a no-no. Simple is beautiful.

And with this I have no idea where to look at. Any suggestions?