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Spot on 2010-02-21

She hurt me.

A rusty kitchen knife dropping accidentally into deep scar tissue; ripping open a flesh that remembered an age old pain. An innocuous surface earthquake; well placed, and soon cracks appear at the bottom of a long extinct volcano and lets a sulphuric emulsion of nefarious gases and …

2010 — the teenage years begin! 2010-01-02

Disclaimer: this is a post about its author. If you just want to be entertained, you can skip reading.

One more page turning. While I have spent the official “big party time” of the year quite comfortably lying on a couch, watching TV and playing video games, the occasional greeting …

The red train in Rotterdam 2007-08-24

Too late to catch the train which would take me on time. Yet too early to take the next.

A few minutes later, seating in the wagon and waiting for the departure, I was considering the good time I spent yesterday evening playing Dance Dance Revolution in Delft with two …

Fading memories of a discontinuous past 2007-08-19

For sure, as I was waiting for my bus last Sunday, in that creepy underground international bus station at the east of Paris, a beautiful sight caught my eye:

Two goth lovers, young
Leave tonight for Germany
Alone in the crowd.

They literally caught my eye, glancing in my direction …

De eerste verjaardag 2007-02-07

Yesterday evening was a happy evening, because I realized that it has been one year since I arrived in Rotterdam and it feels like it happened last week.

Today the occasion was duly celebrated with pastries and champagne; tonight I added the luxury of spending a few hours at a …

Close encounter with Cyril 2007-01-19

Cyril is the hurricane that hit the Old Continent yesterday. Plenty of news reports already picture the general situation.

For a deadly hurricane, it was not as serious as what happened in New Orleans. Of course, there were some dead people; but I did not see cars or trees flying …

Au début tu te marres, à la fin tu flippes 2007-01-14

Retour de week-end et découverte d’une vidéo sur WebJunkie : « Jésus, c’est ouf ! »

Citations au hasard :

À chaque fois que je fume pas une cigarette, il y a une âme du purgatoire qui va au paradis.

Quelqu’un m’a dit, « Anne-Laure quand tu arriveras au paradis, il y …

Il faut savoir reconnaître le côté positif 2007-01-01

… suivez mon regard.

À propos de regard, c’est bien ce que j’ai trouvé de plus intéressant pendant notre soirée.

En fait, j’aime beaucoup les yeux.

Il y avait ceux marqués par l’expérience et pourtant joueurs ; ceux marqués par une vie de changement et curieux de profiter …

Feel the connection 2006-12-29

Today I feel warmth in my chest and on my face, because I feel the pleasure of a new emotional connection.

That is both good news and bad news.

Good news, because I had almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s absolutely wonderful, and I find it far more …

Now, how can you call that civilization? 2006-12-21

In an online news report I can read today how the traditional practice of firing a cannon during american football games in Snohomish, USA has cost a boy’s leg due to the cannon exploding.

The un-funny part of the article is that members of the community are threatening the …

An intimate achievement 2006-12-05

Activity on the workplace has been quite hectic for the last few months. Increase in work load, decrease in business, environment changes piling up one over another, conflicts, political dances, uncertainty… Although I could handle everything until now, I was spared nothing.

Yesterday I felt that I reached my limits …

The pleasure is mine 2006-12-01

There were two guests at my place this week.

Hosting guests is one of the activities that help me keep care of my home.

There was a time when the mess would only be cleared when someone visited me. A reflex due to a contrast between the carelessness of youth …

De waarde van gezellige verlichting 2006-11-25

Today was a day of rest, following a tiring fight against a cold for my voice.

But today was also a day for myself, time to organize some thoughts and renew my surroundings at home.

Inspired by a simple and clever classification system it was decided that I would stop …