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Annoying allegations of terrorism 2009-12-26

Fact: Yesterday, a 23 yo Nigerian man attempted to ignite a flammable substance aboard flight DL253, a short time before landing in Detroit. Other passengers saw a bright light and a sound of fireworks before the man was stopped and the device extinguished.

The plane departed from Amsterdam. The first …

The father, the son, and the holy spirit 2009-10-07

The worst and best of the world wide web packed in three links:

A few keys: the “pregnant woman” is actually the “unwed mother”. Where’s Satan? Soldiers have no guns. Han Solo in the background.

Also, why this matters.

“It’s just common sense” 2009-07-23

The recent months have kept me more busy than usual with work, but meanwhile my position in a University has altogether increased my consumption of news items, both on paper and in bit arrangements. One would assume that the flurry of world events would call for a steady stream of …

Impertinent irresponsibility 2008-07-04

Evidence shows clearly that we will not be able to eat fish in the future unless strong global policing action is taken now. We know already that future generations will never enjoy cod as a popular and usual dish. Still, even so-called “developed” countries make irrational political moves about fishing …

Business values and ethics mix in strange ways 2008-06-23

In a blog entry a professional photographer from Colorado wonders how same-sex weddings impact his business. The author crams his foot in his mouth very effectively:

Put aside for a moment your own values. Would it hurt or help your business to photograph same-sex commitment ceremonies or weddings?

Regardless of …

Crystal of stupidity 2008-04-30

But before we go there, a reminder:

stupid, adj
lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity

Now, enjoy:

if homosexuality is such a sin, why did god make them that way? believe it or not, sexual orientation is not just a matter of preference, it is biologically proved to …
The secret of enlargement pills 2008-04-12


A thought emerged from the conjunction of several pieces:

  1. reading a study about our expanding digital universe (via UF),
  2. considering our daily amount of spam e-mail received and processed by spam filters,
  3. decaying a mixture of thoughts about memes, urban legends, and so-called not-for-kinds pranks ,

and the thought was: given …

Popular searches 2007-08-01

In decreasing frequency order:

vodka pomme de discorde
that’s not what the drink is for!
vodka bad dream nightmare
drink water before sleep, it makes it go down more easily.
vodka comment en faire ?
I wish I’d knew!
manipulations psychologiques milieu professionnel
all managers are doing it.
colocation …
Pet Peeve Of The Day — The Mischievous Females 2007-04-13

Last wednesday evening, during my Dutch class, I nearly got lynched by the 5 girls who compose the rest of my group.

My biggest mistake was to start describing my pet peeve without starting with the obvious. The obvious being:

  • yes, there is a terrifyingly large number of women who …
Microsoft censors Asian culture 2007-03-26


Having a meaning related to well-being, the swastika is widely-used sacred symbol in Dharmic religions. As such, it gained adoption by the Unicode standard and has several computer-recognized Unicode encodings: the Han characters 卍 (code 0x534D) and 卐 (code 0x5350), and the Tibetan character ࿌ (code 0xFCC).

On the Windows platform …

Cultural abyss 2007-02-17

Theory: command officers on a war ship often operate from their desk with no visibility on the outside of the ship.

I believe this theory is true. Otherwise I could not explain this:

message from the past and the shallow

Theory: people without education are perfect material for dictatorship.


Let them live, dammit! 2007-02-07

It is taking more than fifteen hours to my ears to recover from the trauma they experienced yesterday evening. That is already eight hours more than usual, although I stayed there for only three hours. I spent the whole morning brooding over whether I should attend Trance Energy next month …

Au début tu te marres, à la fin tu flippes 2007-01-14

Retour de week-end et découverte d’une vidéo sur WebJunkie : « Jésus, c’est ouf ! »

Citations au hasard :

À chaque fois que je fume pas une cigarette, il y a une âme du purgatoire qui va au paradis.

Quelqu’un m’a dit, « Anne-Laure quand tu arriveras au paradis, il y …

Now, how can you call that civilization? 2006-12-21

In an online news report I can read today how the traditional practice of firing a cannon during american football games in Snohomish, USA has cost a boy’s leg due to the cannon exploding.

The un-funny part of the article is that members of the community are threatening the …