Crystal of stupidity

But before we go there, a reminder:

stupid, adj
lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity

Now, enjoy:

if homosexuality is such a sin, why did god make them that way? believe it or not, sexual orientation is not just a matter of preference, it is biologically proved to be a genetic mutation, and actually, the heterosexual gene is the mutated gene.

(reference not given to protect the anonymity of the idiot)

And another reminder:

idiot, noun
a person of subnormal intelligence

In case someone misses the point: past my opinion that mixing “god” and “genetic mutation” in the same train of thought borders on intellectual incorrectness, I find it interesting to notice here that god would have created homosexual beings initially (with their homosexual genes), intending genetic evolution to take care of introducing heterosexuality later — although homosexuality would prevent reproduction in the first place, and therefore genetic evolution.