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Merely annoyed? 2009-10-17

Friends and colleagues subjected me yesterday to Team America World Police.

Frustration ensued, as I was not able to sort out my feelings (initially) nor communicate them properly (later):

  • about the movie itself, general contempt broken down in five parts:
    1. blank disinterest for the “mission” of this movie in parodying …
An unlikely encounter 2009-08-12

Strange and unexpected: those are the first two qualifiers that come to my mind for this evening.

For a start, I was not expecting such a successful date. The energiest, pretty and extra-ordinary girl I planned to have dinner with reached me with her life projects. As we went through …

Watch list for the autumn 2008-11-13
Shortbus 2007-01-21

What I saw in Shortbus is that it is all about being human. This movie deals with feelings, hardships, love, sex, relationships, and struggles to find a balance between those.

It strikes me a bit after some searches on the web that many people consider this movie as unusual, off-limits …

The mostly unfabulous social life of Ethan Green 2006-11-25

This incredible movie was brought to my curiosity by some pictures of its georgous cast.

Until now Notting Hill was my favourite item at the top of that list where younger people put Cinderella and other happy-ending fairy tales. But after I watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the …