Merely annoyed?

Friends and colleagues subjected me yesterday to Team America World Police.

Frustration ensued, as I was not able to sort out my feelings (initially) nor communicate them properly (later):

  • about the movie itself, general contempt broken down in five parts:
    1. blank disinterest for the “mission” of this movie in parodying america saves the day and eagleland;
    2. mere annoyance at the use of the acceptable targets and as long as it sounds foreign;
    3. slight irritation at the unfortunate involvement of once acceptable targets;
    4. stronger irritation at the perusal of the hilariously abusive childhood (dude it’s really not funny)
    5. stronger annoyance at the feeling of having wasted nearly two hours of my time while in good company;
  • about my company:
    • for those who pretend enjoying the movie as “pure entertainment,” frustration at reminder that despite the comfort and friendliness, we do not yet know each other well enough to prevent this type of “failed experiment” from taking place;
    • for those who appear to share my contempt, uncertainty about how much their contempt stems from an inappropriate sensitivity to criticism of the “world guardian.”

All it all, I don’t like to be reminded that it takes a lot of time to know people better, especially to attune to their sense of empathy, and to their cultural and moral values.