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Reports from the world 2008-11-13

In other news:

  • The world’s richest nation only barely failed to elect a talking corpse now irrelevant in politics and the dumbest potential state leader in the history of modern democracy.
  • In other views “The U.S. is the only country in the world where the major candidates for …
Playing with the hands 2007-03-02
Close encounter with Cyril 2007-01-19

Cyril is the hurricane that hit the Old Continent yesterday. Plenty of news reports already picture the general situation.

For a deadly hurricane, it was not as serious as what happened in New Orleans. Of course, there were some dead people; but I did not see cars or trees flying …

Researchers turn mutant sheep into gay X-Men 2007-01-02

Of course, the title is a misread of a series of recent articles that can be summarized as follows: “researchers already started allowing parents to choose (not) to have children depending on their genes. Like the third movie X-Men, a new study on sheep sheds light on the biological roots …