Researchers turn mutant sheep into gay X-Men

Of course, the title is a misread of a series of recent articles that can be summarized as follows: “researchers already started allowing parents to choose (not) to have children depending on their genes. Like the third movie X-Men, a new study on sheep sheds light on the biological roots of homosexuality. Expectedly, this is also a new open door for discrimination and possibly eugenic selection that already irates some famous people .”

What I see there:

  • “X-Men and superpowers in comics heroes can be seen as cryptogay” (… although that’s hardly news)
  • “new research attempts to raise productivity of rams” (… and decrease biological diversity)
  • “parents should have rights to choose their children” (… and make fashion-oriented or phobia-oriented choices)
  • “old tennis stars become so desperate of fame after they stop playing that they start having opinions about fashionable cultural issues.”

What a world.