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Summarizing the human condition 2010-10-13


Si nous habitions la Lune, nous imaginerions-nous bien qu’il y eût ici-bas cette espèce bizarre de créatures que l’on appelle le genre humain ? Pourrions-nous bien nous figurer quelque chose qui eût des passions si folles, et des réflexions si sages ; une durée si courte et des vues …
What is supposed to happen now? 2010-06-28

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

It is not every day easy to be an adult. There was a time where I would wake up, serve myself a glass of vodka, and spend my time carelessly — taking the day as it came. Nowadays, a glass of vodka will make me …

The father, the son, and the holy spirit 2009-10-07

The worst and best of the world wide web packed in three links:

A few keys: the “pregnant woman” is actually the “unwed mother”. Where’s Satan? Soldiers have no guns. Han Solo in the background.

Also, why this matters.

Knowledge, pain and ignorance 2008-08-04


Imagine you meet someone. This person wears an eye mask on both eyes, and uses a white cane to find their way around. It does not take long for you to figure out that this person is blind.

Then this person comes up to you, knowing that you have …

So long, and thanks for all the carbon dioxide 2008-07-21

Today a friend pointed me to the documentary Earthlings which seems to be already known of everyone but me. A half-enlightening experience: while I was already aware of the issues, and I already knew some facts, the images made my understanding more vivid; an unpleasant but refreshing enhancement.

But still …

Death and identity 2008-02-11

In 1793, as it just overtook power in France, the new government decided to open the tombs of the French kings in Saint-Denis and throw a thousand years of history into a pit as a celebration of their victory.

In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the two gigantic Buddhas of Bamyan …

Food for thought 2007-10-08

Today I use this page as a public notepad:

The face of truth 2007-09-29


Alleen in de logica, in de wiskunde en in de natuurwetenschappen is de waarheid anoniem, dat wil zeggen objektief geldig; gaat het over mensen en hun meningen, dan kan zoiets als waarheid alleen geboren worden wanneer men het gezicht en het stemgeluid van de spreker er bij geleverd krijgt …
Kōan of the day - What is Art? 2007-07-29


A kōan (公案) is a story, dialogue, question, generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet that may be accessible to intuition.

Sometimes kōans appear out of nowhere, and I was today witness to a beautiful one:

(20:32) <@kena> sylvain_: c'est quoi l'art pour toi …
People who can’t work deserve to die 2007-04-30

However, its being common does not make it acceptable as a fact of life — at least not when taken literally.

Today, let’s try to reformulate the idea in a broader sense, to capture the abstract idea behind: individuals who chose to not contribute to society but benefit from it …

People do no want freedom 2007-04-26

Quote of the day:

Freedom is a terrible gift, and the theory behind all dictatorships is that “the people” do not want freedom. They want bread and circuses. They want workman’s compensation and fringe benefits and TV. Give up your free will, give up your freedom to make choices …
Care for the elderly 2007-01-19

Working for a software publisher in the licensing business is like working in a retirement house with the elderly.

They will die soon.

I would take care of them, make sure that they are happy and enjoy the most out of their remaining days, and they will die soon.

I …

How to get saved by the Lord and Get Rich Quick 2006-12-27

When I stumbled across this piece of politically incorrect art about the close relationship between religion and economics (reminds me of the one between religion and football) I felt amused at first, then scared about how obvious the link is and how very few people do actually notice.

And then …