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WAW — Warszawa, Okęcie airport 2007-10-17

Leaving for a land so close and yet so remote is an exciting prospect.

The idea came a few days ago from a pair of friends, who intend to visit several cities as part of a small scale version of Flickr’s Jumping Project; besides the pictures, they intend to …

Fading memories of a discontinuous past 2007-08-19

For sure, as I was waiting for my bus last Sunday, in that creepy underground international bus station at the east of Paris, a beautiful sight caught my eye:

Two goth lovers, young
Leave tonight for Germany
Alone in the crowd.

They literally caught my eye, glancing in my direction …

Here be dragons 2007-03-08

Tomorrow evening I will be in a train to Paris, France, as a stopover to the French alps. A week of vacation and sports should follow. Assuming enough snow, I will be riding a snowboard for the first time in the 3 vallées.

Leaving for vacation is, by all means …