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When money has no price 2021-05-09

Earlier today my mom was complaining that the citizens where she lives were asocial bums, “smooching off the system” by claiming government benefits fraudulently. I was pushing back against her complaints, reminding her that this was a minority and that the remaining majority of citizens were not voting for a …

A hierarchy of science 2010-02-23

Reported today by FreeBSD’s ”fortune” program:

Psychologists think they’re experimental psychologists.
Experimental psychologists think they’re biologists.
Biologists think they’re biochemists.
Biochemists think they’re chemists.
Chemists think they’re physical chemists.
Physical chemists think they’re physicists.
Physicists think they’re theoretical physicists.
Theoretical physicists think …
10 phrases a woman would not tell her man… 2008-12-05

… but which another man would:

  • Honey, you look tired! take it easy, open your fly and just relax…
  • When you’re close, just let go! I can take it all!
  • Shopping? What for? Beer is enough!
  • Honey, your colleagues called and they want you at the bar in 10 minutes …
Boten Anna, Nederlandse stijl 2007-07-09
Which film hero are you? 2007-03-02
image1 Néo (Matrix) : 76% James Bond : 74% Hannibal Lecter : 74% Indiana Jones : 72% Batman / Bruce Wayne : 72% Jim Levenstein (American Pie) : 71% Yoda (Star Wars) : 70% Eric Draven (The Crow) : 70% Maximus (Gladiator) : 70% Forrest Gump : 68% Tony Montana (Scarface) : 67% Schrek : 62%

Quel héros de film es-tu ?

I am Spiderman 2007-01-02

Via Chojin.

Your results: You are Spider-Man

Spider-Man 70%
Iron Man 60%
Robin 60%
Hulk 60%
Superman 60%
Wonder Woman 53%
Green Lantern 50%
Supergirl 48%
Catwoman 35%
The Flash 35%
Batman 30%


You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility. Click here to take …

How to get saved by the Lord and Get Rich Quick 2006-12-27

When I stumbled across this piece of politically incorrect art about the close relationship between religion and economics (reminds me of the one between religion and football) I felt amused at first, then scared about how obvious the link is and how very few people do actually notice.

And then …

Self portrait, South Park style 2006-12-26

This is an update to another post created in another life.

Here it goes:


(Thanks to SP Studio for the generation)

Fabulous Lord, save me from the queers! 2006-12-13


Imagine three young guys in a museum, singing their faith for christian places:

They have everything for young men to enjoy,

You can hang out with all the boys …

And then…

Jesus with the YMCA boys

Honestly, I love this picture. On the other hand, I can’t help thinking that there are places …