10 phrases a woman would not tell her man…

… but which another man would:

  • Honey, you look tired! take it easy, open your fly and just relax…
  • When you’re close, just let go! I can take it all!
  • Shopping? What for? Beer is enough!
  • Honey, your colleagues called and they want you at the bar in 10 minutes. Can I come too?
  • Check it out honey, our neighbour next door is strip naked!
  • I know it’s tight, but please! Just try harder!
  • What about you invite your assistant tonight and we have fun together?
  • The dishes can wait, let’s watch a movie!
  • Your car doesn’t start? Let me have a look at it…
  • You should really consider getting closer to your manager; she could give you this promotion you’re waiting for.