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Conversation on a Side Channel 2018-03-14

So some emotional impairment makes me unable to have a simple conversation with a neurotypical person, which makes all social interactions rather complicated.


Well, perhaps not.

Too many “friends”? 2012-06-02

How to organize your contact list, 21st century-style.

Orkut, Hyves, Facebook, Google+… They all try it and fail.

Did you ever have to decide whether your best buddy at work should be labeled “Friends” or “Work”? Or whether your brother-soon-to-be-co-founder should be “Family” or “Work”? Or whether your best-friend-closer-than-your-brother should …

The paint of happiness 2012-01-17

I had a shitty week-end.

Maybe not the shittiest week-end ever. There were two light point, namely the impromptu water art session on Saturday night and two hours of dance classes on Sunday. Just for that it was not all that bad.

Nevertheless, except for these few light hours, I …

Droom van 9 september 2010 2010-09-12

Het verhaal zoals ik het mij herinner:

N. zingt opera in een gebouw dat op een bibliotheek lijkt. Zij stopt, zij is de tekst vergeten. Ik zoek de rest van het liedje met mijn mobieltje op Google. Voordat ik de resultaten krijg begint in de achtergrond een hoge stem het …

What is supposed to happen now? 2010-06-28

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

It is not every day easy to be an adult. There was a time where I would wake up, serve myself a glass of vodka, and spend my time carelessly — taking the day as it came. Nowadays, a glass of vodka will make me …

Drama, behold! Here come the pancakes! 2010-05-22

Sometime this afternoon I will be standing before my stove, manipulating my pan hence and forth, shaking sizzling butter under layers of eggs, milk and flour. This cheerful self-entertainment, supported by adequate music, will further brighten my day already much enlightened by rest and peacefulness.

On my way to the …

The 2009 experiment - “a little group exercise” 2010-01-02

A little over five months ago, I started the following experiment: I invited my best female friends to help me compile a comprehensive and didactic approach to handling complicated relationships.

My invitation went as follows:

Subject: a little group exercise!

Dear friends,

would you like to write something for me …

2010 — the teenage years begin! 2010-01-02

Disclaimer: this is a post about its author. If you just want to be entertained, you can skip reading.

One more page turning. While I have spent the official “big party time” of the year quite comfortably lying on a couch, watching TV and playing video games, the occasional greeting …

Layered signals 2009-09-26

The trouble with nerds, when they stay in front of you looking into your eyes, not saying anything and not doing anything, with this awkward half-second of silence after a conversation ends, is that you don’t know how to handle them because it could be they are just being …

An unlikely encounter 2009-08-12

Strange and unexpected: those are the first two qualifiers that come to my mind for this evening.

For a start, I was not expecting such a successful date. The energiest, pretty and extra-ordinary girl I planned to have dinner with reached me with her life projects. As we went through …

About kena — 25 things 2009-02-01

Update (2012): this entry was reposted and updated, elsewhere.

Because you asked so nicely, Julieta, I am willing to play along…

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people …
Kōan of the day - What is Art? 2007-07-29


A kōan (公案) is a story, dialogue, question, generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet that may be accessible to intuition.

Sometimes kōans appear out of nowhere, and I was today witness to a beautiful one:

(20:32) <@kena> sylvain_: c'est quoi l'art pour toi ?
(20 …
My friend the praying mantis 2007-01-19

The praying mantis is a small animal with an elegant body.

She stands still, beautiful and fertile; she waits for a mate with courage and strength to approach her. Then she chooses, they mate, and she bites his head off. He dies.

She may feel sad or guilty for a …

Il faut savoir reconnaître le côté positif 2007-01-01

… suivez mon regard.

À propos de regard, c’est bien ce que j’ai trouvé de plus intéressant pendant notre soirée.

En fait, j’aime beaucoup les yeux.

Il y avait ceux marqués par l’expérience et pourtant joueurs ; ceux marqués par une vie de changement et curieux de profiter …

Feel the connection 2006-12-29

Today I feel warmth in my chest and on my face, because I feel the pleasure of a new emotional connection.

That is both good news and bad news.

Good news, because I had almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s absolutely wonderful, and I find it far more …

The pleasure is mine 2006-12-01

There were two guests at my place this week.

Hosting guests is one of the activities that help me keep care of my home.

There was a time when the mess would only be cleared when someone visited me. A reflex due to a contrast between the carelessness of youth …