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The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name 2010-01-02

The year 2009 also saw the sad disappearance of English poet and author James Kirkup.

In his memory and to bring the spiritual side of 2009 to a coda, I would like to share one of his works from 1977, best known for being censored in the UK and elsewhere …

The father, the son, and the holy spirit 2009-10-07

The worst and best of the world wide web packed in three links:

A few keys: the “pregnant woman” is actually the “unwed mother”. Where’s Satan? Soldiers have no guns. Han Solo in the background.

Also, why this matters.

Business values and ethics mix in strange ways 2008-06-23

In a blog entry a professional photographer from Colorado wonders how same-sex weddings impact his business. The author crams his foot in his mouth very effectively:

Put aside for a moment your own values. Would it hurt or help your business to photograph same-sex commitment ceremonies or weddings?

Regardless of …

Au début tu te marres, à la fin tu flippes 2007-01-14

Retour de week-end et découverte d’une vidéo sur WebJunkie : « Jésus, c’est ouf ! »

Citations au hasard :

À chaque fois que je fume pas une cigarette, il y a une âme du purgatoire qui va au paradis.

Quelqu’un m’a dit, « Anne-Laure quand tu arriveras au paradis, il y …

Perspective identitaire 2007-01-07


Monsieur Ratzinger, devenu « pape » sous le pseudonyme de Benoît, était auparavant le chef de l’Inquisition, désormais appelée Congrégation de la Foi. En d’autres termes, il dirigeait la même organisation qui, pendant plusieurs siècles, a conduit au bûcher des millions d’hommes et de femmes sous prétexte de …
How to get saved by the Lord and Get Rich Quick 2006-12-27

When I stumbled across this piece of politically incorrect art about the close relationship between religion and economics (reminds me of the one between religion and football) I felt amused at first, then scared about how obvious the link is and how very few people do actually notice.

And then …