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Language and identity 2010-03-31

Transitioning… Happening, without me even realizing.

The though tonight surfaced when considering the origin of the headache that bothered me all this evening. I have known this headache for a few years already; it happens every now and then, the pain creates each time a sensation of déjà-vu without clear …

Updating links 2008-06-21

Removed from the daily reads: Dilbert, Daily WTF, UF. Added: PhD Comics.

Villa Achterwerk 2007-03-26

Gisteren ben ik naar Off_corso geweest. Dit is een nachtclub in Rotterdam, en ik was er nog nooit gegaan - het typisch avondthema is 80’s and 90’s, en daar heb ik gewoon geen zin in.

Maar gisteren was het thema erg anders. Villa achterwerk is een nieuwe party die …

Which film hero are you? 2007-03-02
image1 Néo (Matrix) : 76% James Bond : 74% Hannibal Lecter : 74% Indiana Jones : 72% Batman / Bruce Wayne : 72% Jim Levenstein (American Pie) : 71% Yoda (Star Wars) : 70% Eric Draven (The Crow) : 70% Maximus (Gladiator) : 70% Forrest Gump : 68% Tony Montana (Scarface) : 67% Schrek : 62%

Quel héros de film es-tu ?

Voilà, ça c’est fait 2007-01-15
  • go to a gay bar, dance like crazy, hook into a random guy’s eyes, exchange two times two stupid^Wsimple conversation lines, kiss, fondle and dance together, play tongue catch with an ice cube, and then leave the place with no real intent to see him again-


Well …

To be (gay) or not to be 2006-12-08

Some days I look at women, shake all context and past experience out of my mind, and look at my feelings.

Then I realize that nothing prevents me from loving, sharing intimacy, having sex, support and live with one. My closest friend is female; the colleagues I go along better …

De waarde van gezellige verlichting 2006-11-25

Today was a day of rest, following a tiring fight against a cold for my voice.

But today was also a day for myself, time to organize some thoughts and renew my surroundings at home.

Inspired by a simple and clever classification system it was decided that I would stop …

The mostly unfabulous social life of Ethan Green 2006-11-25

This incredible movie was brought to my curiosity by some pictures of its georgous cast.

Until now Notting Hill was my favourite item at the top of that list where younger people put Cinderella and other happy-ending fairy tales. But after I watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the …