January 2007

A new Jabber server is born 2007-01-30

Jabber servers are a bit like babies. Except that:

  • they don’t cry.
  • they do not pee and poo everywhere.
  • they are neither male nor female.
  • they do not need both a father and a mother to appear.

But you still have to take care of them or they may …

Alone in the crowd 2007-01-28

Hopefully I did not expect to have a great time. I didn’t.

Usually, receiving friends at home and synchronizing our lives during a midnight conversation is the kind of stuff that makes me shine. I love it.

Especially when it happens earlier than 2am, not after a week full …

Viens dans mon bain a bulle et offre moi ta tentacule 2007-01-22

Now that this new website has been running for a little while, it becomes interesting to see what people enter in search engines to come by…

  • The all-time favorites: autotools · passphrase generator · · moria · atchoune
  • The expected but not so common: elvish writing · lojban tengwar · villa keops
  • The unexpected …
Shortbus 2007-01-21

What I saw in Shortbus is that it is all about being human. This movie deals with feelings, hardships, love, sex, relationships, and struggles to find a balance between those.

It strikes me a bit after some searches on the web that many people consider this movie as unusual, off-limits …

Care for the elderly 2007-01-19

Working for a software publisher in the licensing business is like working in a retirement house with the elderly.

They will die soon.

I would take care of them, make sure that they are happy and enjoy the most out of their remaining days, and they will die soon.

I …

My friend the praying mantis 2007-01-19

The praying mantis is a small animal with an elegant body.

She stands still, beautiful and fertile; she waits for a mate with courage and strength to approach her. Then she chooses, they mate, and she bites his head off. He dies.

She may feel sad or guilty for a …

Close encounter with Cyril 2007-01-19

Cyril is the hurricane that hit the Old Continent yesterday. Plenty of news reports already picture the general situation.

For a deadly hurricane, it was not as serious as what happened in New Orleans. Of course, there were some dead people; but I did not see cars or trees flying …

Voilà, ça c’est fait 2007-01-15
  • go to a gay bar, dance like crazy, hook into a random guy’s eyes, exchange two times two stupid^Wsimple conversation lines, kiss, fondle and dance together, play tongue catch with an ice cube, and then leave the place with no real intent to see him again-


Well …

Au début tu te marres, à la fin tu flippes 2007-01-14

Retour de week-end et découverte d’une vidéo sur WebJunkie : « Jésus, c’est ouf ! »

Citations au hasard :

À chaque fois que je fume pas une cigarette, il y a une âme du purgatoire qui va au paradis.

Quelqu’un m’a dit, « Anne-Laure quand tu arriveras au paradis, il y …

Integer fun facts 2007-01-12

I was very interested to read today a number of facts about the C programming languages that tend to escape “common knowledge” over time. For example, did you know that:

  • some processors (especially Digital Signal Processors) cannot efficiently access memory in smaller pieces than the processor’s word size. There …
Perspective identitaire 2007-01-07


Monsieur Ratzinger, devenu « pape » sous le pseudonyme de Benoît, était auparavant le chef de l’Inquisition, désormais appelée Congrégation de la Foi. En d’autres termes, il dirigeait la même organisation qui, pendant plusieurs siècles, a conduit au bûcher des millions d’hommes et de femmes sous prétexte de …
Fighting the monoculture 2007-01-06

Take for example this summary of a study in the Netherlands:

Holland counts 4 million registered MSN users out of an internet population of 11 million. With 26 million MSN users for Europe all together this puts Holland far ahead of other countries.

55% of the dutch MSN population is …

Cultural integration 2007-01-06

At 6 this morning I woke up panting and sweating from a terrifying nightmare.

It all started with a quite long dream with an intricate story. The dream was about me being on a road trip to reconnect with old friends, and I was on my way back with the …

I am Spiderman 2007-01-02

Via Chojin.

Your results: You are Spider-Man

Spider-Man 70%
Iron Man 60%
Robin 60%
Hulk 60%
Superman 60%
Wonder Woman 53%
Green Lantern 50%
Supergirl 48%
Catwoman 35%
The Flash 35%
Batman 30%


You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility. Click here to take …

Researchers turn mutant sheep into gay X-Men 2007-01-02

Of course, the title is a misread of a series of recent articles that can be summarized as follows: “researchers already started allowing parents to choose (not) to have children depending on their genes. Like the third movie X-Men, a new study on sheep sheds light on the biological roots …

Il faut savoir reconnaître le côté positif 2007-01-01

… suivez mon regard.

À propos de regard, c’est bien ce que j’ai trouvé de plus intéressant pendant notre soirée.

En fait, j’aime beaucoup les yeux.

Il y avait ceux marqués par l’expérience et pourtant joueurs ; ceux marqués par une vie de changement et curieux de profiter …