Viens dans mon bain a bulle et offre moi ta tentacule

Now that this new website has been running for a little while, it becomes interesting to see what people enter in search engines to come by…

  • The all-time favorites: autotools · passphrase generator · · moria · atchoune
  • The expected but not so common: elvish writing · lojban tengwar · villa keops
  • The unexpected:
    • porn star galleries — where?
    • triangle des bermudes — that’s my secret: visitors come here and can never leave
    • images femmes torturées / supplice du pal — just don’t want to know what you had in your mind
    • godemichet au lycee — now, that’s something I would not have thought to bring to high school
    • stabilite des sharpies — did I mention I know nothing about boats?
    • caractéristique de la fête devant la télévision — I can find plenty of uses for a tv, but party is not one of them
    • anxiolitique naturel — I’m interested, too!
    • voir une image sol la si do pour la flute — if you believe you can learn to play an instrument on the internet… tough luck.
    • histoire dratique — I have some dramatic stories, as well as drastic stories, but unfortunately dratic are not to be found here (hint: that word does not exist)
    • que dit l islam sur la vodka — I believe it says “no, no.”
    • un morceau d os dépasse de la gencive — hint: you’re nearly dead.
    • guronzan et alcool — hint: don’t mix those. It’s dangerous.
    • introduction to vodka — does it really need introduction?
    • capitalize uncle — what do you want to do to my uncle?!!
    • vodka suicide / poison vodka — that’s awful! save the vodka!
    • législation du taravail — I guess taravail is one of those things there are no laws for.

And last but not least, the bizarre: viens dans mon bain a bulle et offre moi ta tentacule. Yeah, right, ET’s take baths, too.