Maybe I’m not the right person to ask

When you expressed last Friday your interest in my opinion about you trying to decide how to shape your future, I felt honored. Many thanks for trusting me; although I don’t believe you should trust me too much on this.

My musings from the past few days were an attempt to externalize the parts of my own confusion which I felt you might find relevant. As you can see in my latest argument, it looks like I’m not getting anywhere with a rational train of thoughts either.

While I am attending to my own confusion, I should mention another thought that might make your situation simpler. It occurred to me that procrastination is in essence an unconscious yet measured trade-off between the discomfort of a future change in your life (including action-taking) and the discomfort you find in the status quo. As long as the future utility of an action does not concretely outweigh the simplicity of inaction, procrastination and the associated feelings of guilt, anxiety and stress ensue. Are you maybe not simply procrastinating your next step in life? Maybe you could address your uncertainty by doing something randomly, anything but right away, and accept whatever consequence comes as a meaningful life experience.

I believe that I am not procrastinating myself, and I’ll probably explain why soon, but I figure your circumstance may be different. YMMV.