January 2013

The world is a complicated place 2013-01-31

A sad truth, but also a gem of an insight:

In some ways saying a man is gay is like saying he is white. That is meaningless. A red-haired Scot is white, but so are Armenians, Arabs and Italians. There is a wide range of physical types and appearances all …

How my first GA application failed 2013-01-28

Last week I implemented my first “useful” genetic algorithm (GA) to solve a mapping problem. Lesson learned: don’t mistake “good solution according to the algorithm” with “good solution to the problem.”

Two weeks ago, I learned that my research group will trade one large room for two smaller rooms …

It can’t be wrong if it feels so good 2013-01-07

I did it again.

It’s like self-gratification: can’t hurt anyone, reliable pleasure, kept me busy for a while, pleasant relief afterwards.

Really, I ought to have been working on new, abstract, sexy-sounding research directions to advance my career.

Instead, I spent a half week programming and engineering. And …