July 2008

So long, and thanks for all the carbon dioxide 2008-07-21

Today a friend pointed me to the documentary Earthlings which seems to be already known of everyone but me. A half-enlightening experience: while I was already aware of the issues, and I already knew some facts, the images made my understanding more vivid; an unpleasant but refreshing enhancement.

But still …

Questions for a mundane conversation 2008-07-14

Today’s conversation added to the list of concerns evolving around my mind at the moment:

  • will China invade Siberia when oil becomes scarce? or Iran?
  • what will be the form of the next conflict between Japan and China?
  • who will end up controlling North Korea?
  • why doesn’t the …
Impertinent irresponsibility 2008-07-04

Evidence shows clearly that we will not be able to eat fish in the future unless strong global policing action is taken now. We know already that future generations will never enjoy cod as a popular and usual dish. Still, even so-called “developed” countries make irrational political moves about fishing …