April 2008

Crystal of stupidity 2008-04-30

But before we go there, a reminder:

stupid, adj
lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity

Now, enjoy:

if homosexuality is such a sin, why did god make them that way? believe it or not, sexual orientation is not just a matter of preference, it is biologically proved to …
The Healer 2008-04-20


You scored 36% I to E, 10% N to S, 23% F to T, and 52% J to P!

You are more introverted than extroverted. You are more intuitive than observant, you are more feeling based than thinking based, and you prefer to go with the flow rather than …

Irreductible verbs 2008-04-14

Here is an exercise for the linguistically-inclined — try to find in your native language a single word that carries the following meanings:

  • menen: to give one’s opinion about something (ik meen dat dit waar is = I give my opinion that this is true)
  • opvallen: to make oneself easily noticeable …
Stappen naar onzichtbaarheid 2008-04-13
  1. surprise, curiousity: “oh, you can speak Dutch? How nice!” Hidden meaning: it’s surprising; unusual for foreigners to be interested in our language; but I really can’t understand a word of what you’re saying.
  2. condescension: replying in English. Hidden meaning: ok, you’ve shown you can make yourself …
The secret of enlargement pills 2008-04-12


A thought emerged from the conjunction of several pieces:

  1. reading a study about our expanding digital universe (via UF),
  2. considering our daily amount of spam e-mail received and processed by spam filters,
  3. decaying a mixture of thoughts about memes, urban legends, and so-called not-for-kinds pranks ,

and the thought was: given …