April 2007

People who can’t work deserve to die 2007-04-30

However, its being common does not make it acceptable as a fact of life — at least not when taken literally.

Today, let’s try to reformulate the idea in a broader sense, to capture the abstract idea behind: individuals who chose to not contribute to society but benefit from it …

People do no want freedom 2007-04-26

Quote of the day:

Freedom is a terrible gift, and the theory behind all dictatorships is that “the people” do not want freedom. They want bread and circuses. They want workman’s compensation and fringe benefits and TV. Give up your free will, give up your freedom to make choices …
FreeBSD 7, ZFS, GEOM, USB, don’t panic! 2007-04-26

Last week my company sold old hardware for a bargain price. I got one, a dull Dell machine self-named “Optiplex GX 260”. It gained a place in my home next to Albert — my plant — and also a new name: “fungus”.

Fungus was the occasion to refresh my experience with FreeBSD …

Contextual operator overloading 2007-04-23

For three weeks already I am struggling with this basic requirement: overload the arithmetic operators of Python without using class methods.

Or, more specifically, delegate the implementation of an infix operator to a third-party object in a specific context. For example, I would like something like the following code to …

Quote of the Day — How to emigrate 2007-04-23

The following quote summarizes roughly a number of ideas I have a lot of troubles explaining. However, I feel that many people emigrate for the wrong reasons, one of them being simply unsatisfied with living in the previous place. Here it goes:

[…] Emigration is no small business. In addition to …

Men — Not Women — bring wealth to countries 2007-04-17

In a recent study made by the NBER (National Bureau of Echonomic Research) and commented recently on Slate, it is shown that

there is a negative relationship between real GDP per capita and the female-male difference in total work time per day — the sum of work for pay and work …
Pet Peeve Of The Day — The Mischievous Females 2007-04-13

Last wednesday evening, during my Dutch class, I nearly got lynched by the 5 girls who compose the rest of my group.

My biggest mistake was to start describing my pet peeve without starting with the obvious. The obvious being:

  • yes, there is a terrifyingly large number of women who …
Kena: 1 — Master: 0 2007-04-12

It’s not going to happen.

  1. the cursus is not really challenging. Been there, done that already.
  2. less than 6 students in the Master.
  3. narrow-minded people.

I’ll be looking elsewhere.

The Masters of ambitions 2007-04-12

The lastest project I’m involved into is trying to get into additional studies. The initial idea was to build a network of fellow Dutch students to 1) get some kind of educational “legitimacy” in the country and 2) hang out with the natives. Of course, I could use some …