March 2007

Microsoft censors Asian culture 2007-03-26


Having a meaning related to well-being, the swastika is widely-used sacred symbol in Dharmic religions. As such, it gained adoption by the Unicode standard and has several computer-recognized Unicode encodings: the Han characters 卍 (code 0x534D) and 卐 (code 0x5350), and the Tibetan character ࿌ (code 0xFCC).

On the Windows platform …

Villa Achterwerk 2007-03-26

Gisteren ben ik naar Off_corso geweest. Die is een nachtclub in Rotterdam, en ik was er nog nooit gegaan - de typische avondthema is 80’s and 90’s, en dat heb ik gewoon geen zin in.

Maar gisteren was the thema erg anders. Villa achterwerk is een nieuwe party die …

Meet the new French language 2007-03-19

The following is a quote from a semi-official Usenet newsgroup for the French institution EPITECH where current and soon-to-be students can meet and discuss their past and future education in computer science:

moi chui pa un intelektuel mer g ete pri fo just avoir la motiv couz. moi jveu savoir …
Here be dragons 2007-03-08

Tomorrow evening I will be in a train to Paris, France, as a stopover to the French alps. A week of vacation and sports should follow. Assuming enough snow, I will be riding a snowboard for the first time in the 3 vallées.

Leaving for vacation is, by all means …

Which film hero are you? 2007-03-02
image1 Néo (Matrix) : 76% James Bond : 74% Hannibal Lecter : 74% Indiana Jones : 72% Batman / Bruce Wayne : 72% Jim Levenstein (American Pie) : 71% Yoda (Star Wars) : 70% Eric Draven (The Crow) : 70% Maximus (Gladiator) : 70% Forrest Gump : 68% Tony Montana (Scarface) : 67% Schrek : 62%

Quel héros de film es-tu ?

Playing with the hands 2007-03-02