My first time with Robbie Williams

As usually, a long time elapsed between the moment I discovered the tune of Feel and the day I learned that Robbie Williams was singing it. In between, I also discovered Angels and Supreme, and not until this day did I know the relationship between those three.

The non-obvious relationship, that is. The obvious link was already clear: I love all three songs. I just did not know that they were sung by this beautiful person, from whom I did not know anything else until I acquired a “Greatest hits” album tonight on my way back from the train station.

Yeah, I know, I’m on easy listening. Those three hits have already grown old, and I’m simply lagging behind. But hey! “Better late than never.”

And while I’m at the easy thing, I also think there’s a dark side to the hero. Maybe he has yet to come come to terms with his sexuality (dubious), or he’s just haunted by ghosts and demons that he tries to escape by pushing forward. It seems to me that he’s suffering and searching for something, and that’s where his talent comes from.

And I must just be cruel on this one: his torments must stay, for they cast the shadow of his feelings onto the world.