Vie privée et communication

Il y a de l’idée là-dedans, il faut que je creuse à l’avenir.

Encrypt away, they’ll subpoena the email, you’re right. Then they’ll subpoena the passphrase. If you don’t comply with the subpoena for the passphrase, they’ll obtain a search warrant, and find where you wrote it down, admit it, its in a card in your wallet, or in some pass store software, isn’t it? Then they’ll use good old fashioned forensics to decrypt the shadow cache and drag a list of passwords on your server out in the open.

And finally, if that doesn’t work, they’ll throw you in jail for contempt of court until such time as you do remember your passphrase.

Don’t underestimate the power of the government to discover secrets, they’ve been in the business for years.

What concerns me more is this enforced compliance with a subpoena for a crime that might have been committed, but for which they have to conduct a search to determine if evidence exists that a crime was committed. This thing stinks to high heaven of unconstitutional and illegal search and seizure. Where are the lawyers screaming habeas corpus?