January 2018

Cognitive Bandwidth 2018-01-19

Another word of power that I have learned to master in the last two years is cognitive bandwidth.

Fragmented Identity 2018-01-14

“Watch your language!” — I know what this sentence means colloquially in English. English is not my native tongue. I know no equivalent phrase in any other language I speak.

Social Ranking 2018-01-09

A friend and I were recently lounging at the top floor of the public library musing about social and economic discrimination. The discussion initially started in the context of a temporary exhibit about the stride for more social equality for LGBT persons in the Netherlands in the past 50 years …

Year of Quiet 2018-01-04

Another pretty major change for 2017 was my discovey of quiet.

Retrospective 2017 2018-01-01

Before looking at the future, briefly look at the past.