December 2017

Words of Adulthood 2017-12-31

Like achievements in video games, the true meaning of some words can only be truly understood after years of experience.

Recentering 2017-12-30

Something important happened today.

Shower thought 2017-12-25

With the recent NYT revelation that the US government was, in fact, sighting and researching UFOs on taxpayer money, UFO discourse has revived; yet, discussions in online fora have highlighted that evidence is scarce—it seems that most photographic evidence was from a relatively long time ago, at least long …

Traits of wisdom 2017-12-17

You’ve just arrived at the restaurant and are studying the menu. Your partner/friend/relative does the same but then asks: What are you having?

I cannot say for sure I never had this behavior myself, but I certainly cannot remember the last time I asked, other than to …