April 2014

Waterside Wind 2014-04-30

Tricky, trickier, trickiest.


Blond hair under the sun against a dark background which I don’t want do draw: should I draw the hair or not? Without, it looks too strange; with, too dark. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Also, I do not really like this …

Prince Albert 2014-04-27

Albert Einstein, that is. philip Yet another pencil this time. It feels darker, suitable for this model with plenty of shadows.

Alternate pencil 2014-04-20

New tool, new results…


When I left home with my pencil and paper yesterday, I was excited about the sketch I had just started of Andrei. Alas, the pencil disappeared somewhere during my travel… So I had to use a different/new one. It feels “fatter,” also for the first …

Sunglasses 2014-04-18

Shade first or eyes first, that is (was) the question.


Für Eline 2014-04-09

Lessons learned: blond hair is quite difficult; edges only easy if something to draw on both sides.


One step forward 2014-04-06

Achievement unlocked: woman face.