February 2013

Where’s waldo? The logic game 2013-02-13

I have a habit to peek at printouts that have been left at our common printer for more than a few hours. Yesterday, I found this.


At a first glance, this text reads like a badly written short essay on the applications of logic. But there was no title, no …

How can I learn how to make video games? 2013-02-11

Video games are awesome, but not enough people know how to make them.

I believe society should invest in teaching how to make video games. The experience of playing video games and watching others play them is an intensive source of diversified cognitive and social experience. This experience advantageously replaces …

Status update 2013-02-04

Dear M.,

I hope this message finds you well. I am sorry I have not written for so long; sorry too we have not seen each other for nearly a year now. Yet I continue to think fondly of you, and the memory of our times together still warms up …

Nuances of normality 2013-02-01

Whomever has enjoyed my company more than a few times will know I have a particular sensitivity to the adjective “normal” when used to qualify human behaviour. However, until today, I was at a loss when asked to properly explain why it grates me so much.

What makes today so …