May 2012

No need for manuals to “change yourself,” life will do it for you 2012-05-29

All manners of self-help and “life hacking” sites promote programs and techniques to expand one’s boundaries of self-awareness or otherwise improve one’s compatibility with the real world (as opposed to the fantasy world that most people have built in their head). I think they are all unnecessary; there …

Sound matters 2012-05-28

Ever wondered how to put a network to good use with sound matters? Here’s how it’s done at my place.

A simple setup looks like this:


This diagram illustrates the use of the Music Player Daemon (MPD, wiki, wiki) on a centralized music library and audio output, with …

The fallacy of “cloud storage” 2012-05-27

Something happened in the world of Minecraft; an opportunity to illustrate my favorite pet peeve against “cloud storage”.

When someone opens their Google Mail interface, they will expect to see the same list of e-mails (or more) as they saw the last time they opened the interface, even possibly from …

Can you steal fire? 2012-05-27

I can’t seem to remember this analogy ever been used: digital information as fire.

Imagine our ancestors: before flint was discovered, humans were dependent on lightning, lava and spontaneous ignition to initiate fire. Then when flint was discovered, it wasn’t discovered by everyone: some groups of humans had …

Top or bottom? Both! 2012-05-22

The question “top or bottom?” can be answered with “versatile,” to mean “either, depending on circumstances.” Another possible answer is “interleaved.” Here’s an argument that the proper answer should be “both” to maximize satisfaction.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

The main options [when replying to email] are interleaved posting, also called …
Powerful decoys 2012-05-06

What criteria should one use to pick a job?

Most people would answer a combination of skills, salary and commute time.

My personal experience taught me that it is whom you work with, not what you do, how much you get nor where, which matters most.

It’s just a …

Er schuilde een addertje onder het gras 2012-05-03

You probably wish you had seen the fine print on the package.

The hazard warnings were clearly indicated, in big letters. Annoyance awaits a particular human trait, or so you’d heard. Bullying, then discrimination, the occasional gratuitous violence, inequality before the law, administrative hassles, and whatnot. You heard the …