January 2012

The paint of happiness 2012-01-17

I had a shitty week-end.

Maybe not the shittiest week-end ever. There were two light point, namely the impromptu water art session on Saturday night and two hours of dance classes on Sunday. Just for that it was not all that bad.

Nevertheless, except for these few light hours, I …

The dreams, they don’t stop 2012-01-12

Something is up, this is not my “normal” self. Lately I wake up often to vivid dreams; with rich imagery and rich scenarios, diversified in place, duration, characters, intensity, atmosphere, colors, moods. I did not use to dream this much.

Last night was an itinerary through a series of houses …

I will die soon 2012-01-11

The scene takes place during daytime, at the frame of a door giving to a veranda in a wooden house. This must be a public place for there were a number of strangers around us. Two friends and I. Talking about past and recent achievements, one of them highlights that …