March 2011

The core of hatred 2011-03-16

A recent video of a victim turning against his bully has made the news and is being discussed on MeFi. A specific comment is worth reading twice:

You know, something just struck me.

People relentlessly bullied as children never forget that bullying. They remember faces, names, places, and the precise …

Trein, 12 maart 2011 2011-03-12
Rigid meets the tongue
Explosion, taste
It melts — Goduria!
Bitter and sweet
Warm to swallow
—oh tasty fluids
Wanting more.

Chocolate, orange flavoured

What is the true cost of wealth? 2011-03-12

In his essay Mind the Gap, Paul Graham (a well known LISP supporter and brilliant programmer) defends that wealth is not something you steal away, that it is something you can create.

As an example he cites the wealth creation performed by Apple, driven by Steve Jobs, where the accrued …

Gent, 5 maart 2011 2011-03-12
voor een muur
open raam
doorzicht, door het gebouw heen
kijken naar de plein
een café
uitzicht op bamboe
uitzicht op de plein
—in de verte
zittend in een café
met uitzicht tot honderd meter
—door een muur
—door de vernieuwing
— van oud naar nieuw
— van leeg …