August 2008

Dag 1 — binnentrekken 2008-08-31

Vandaag (zondag 31/08) ben ik wakker geworden in mijn eigen bed. Het was de eerste keer sinds eind juli. Ik sliep uit, ook voor de eerste keer sinds lang geleden.

Om twaalf uur begon ik uit te pakken, op te ruimen en op te bergen. Na een paar dozen …

The cost of moving — a life lesson 2008-08-31

The goal was simple: bring the stuff I need to Amsterdam, the rest to a storage space (courtesy of a friend).

Initially I contacted several moving companies. The high price they asked for caused my attention to shift to the (well-intended) advice I was receiving from friends: organize the operation …

An excursion to a foreign world 2008-08-18

As far as the stereotype about urban gay men approaching their forties goes, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren do not deceive while adding a pinch of seriousness to their worldly concerns by means of glasses with thick black frames.

I have never been a fashionista myself, and will probably not …

The new question of visibility 2008-08-14

The ability of social networking sites such as FB, Plaxo or Hyves to display information from RSS feeds is an easy way to broadcast to many people.

But then comes the question of where should more personal stuff stay and how can it be communicated. Obviously it cannot be broadcasted …

Knowledge, pain and ignorance 2008-08-04


Imagine you meet someone. This person wears an eye mask on both eyes, and uses a white cane to find their way around. It does not take long for you to figure out that this person is blind.

Then this person comes up to you, knowing that you have …