June 2008

Business values and ethics mix in strange ways 2008-06-23

In a blog entry a professional photographer from Colorado wonders how same-sex weddings impact his business. The author crams his foot in his mouth very effectively:

Put aside for a moment your own values. Would it hurt or help your business to photograph same-sex commitment ceremonies or weddings?

Regardless of …

Unlikely “short” itineraries 2008-06-21

One of my favorites pastimes when procrastinating: looking up unusual ways to travel by train. Using the journey planner with the largest database that I know of, I set myself imaginary goals and I search:

  • the longest journey that can be achieved within a day: Marseille-Malmö
  • the longest journey in …
Updating links 2008-06-21

Removed from the daily reads: Dilbert, Daily WTF, UF. Added: PhD Comics.