December 2007

Quiz for the New Year 2007-12-30

Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, evaluate how you were happy in 2007 and what you’re up to for 2008:

  1. Have you been healthy in 2007? Are there major illnesses preparing for 2008?
  2. Have you had sex in 2007? How do you plan to have sex in 2008?
  3. Have …
Wisdom of the Elders 2007-12-15


Only inertia and prejudice, not economics nor the lack of good educational ideas, stand in the way of providing every child in the world with the kind of experience of which we have tried to give you some glimpse.

Seymour Papert (also on wikipedia) & Cynthia Solomon, Twenty things to …

“Stores” and “shops” in American English 2007-12-14

In America, people buy stuff in “stores.” Over here, they buy stuff in “shops.”

In America, people find the word “shop” old fashioned. They expect it to designate a small and cramped place where goods are not on display in large quantities.

Now, if we look at three hundred years …