August 2007

The red train in Rotterdam 2007-08-24

Too late to catch the train which would take me on time. Yet too early to take the next.

A few minutes later, seating in the wagon and waiting for the departure, I was considering the good time I spent yesterday evening playing Dance Dance Revolution in Delft with two …

Fading memories of a discontinuous past 2007-08-19

For sure, as I was waiting for my bus last Sunday, in that creepy underground international bus station at the east of Paris, a beautiful sight caught my eye:

Two goth lovers, young
Leave tonight for Germany
Alone in the crowd.

They literally caught my eye, glancing in my direction …

Popular searches 2007-08-01

In decreasing frequency order:

vodka pomme de discorde
that’s not what the drink is for!
vodka bad dream nightmare
drink water before sleep, it makes it go down more easily.
vodka comment en faire ?
I wish I’d knew!
manipulations psychologiques milieu professionnel
all managers are doing it.
colocation …