December 2006

Feel the connection 2006-12-29

Today I feel warmth in my chest and on my face, because I feel the pleasure of a new emotional connection.

That is both good news and bad news.

Good news, because I had almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s absolutely wonderful, and I find it far more …

How to get saved by the Lord and Get Rich Quick 2006-12-27

When I stumbled across this piece of politically incorrect art about the close relationship between religion and economics (reminds me of the one between religion and football) I felt amused at first, then scared about how obvious the link is and how very few people do actually notice.

And then …

Self portrait, South Park style 2006-12-26

This is an update to another post created in another life.

Here it goes:


(Thanks to SP Studio for the generation)

Love the attention, please! 2006-12-26

The main reason behind my receiving my mother and brother at home for the two Christmas days was to take a point across to myself (first) and to my family (next).

It has to do, of course, with emancipation. I needed to make a statement, make it clear that the …

Now, how can you call that civilization? 2006-12-21

In an online news report I can read today how the traditional practice of firing a cannon during american football games in Snohomish, USA has cost a boy’s leg due to the cannon exploding.

The un-funny part of the article is that members of the community are threatening the …

Fabulous Lord, save me from the queers! 2006-12-13


Imagine three young guys in a museum, singing their faith for christian places:

They have everything for young men to enjoy,

You can hang out with all the boys …

And then…

Jesus with the YMCA boys

Honestly, I love this picture. On the other hand, I can’t help thinking that there are places …

To be (gay) or not to be 2006-12-08

Some days I look at women, shake all context and past experience out of my mind, and look at my feelings.

Then I realize that nothing prevents me from loving, sharing intimacy, having sex, support and live with one. My closest friend is female; the colleagues I go along better …

An intimate achievement 2006-12-05

Activity on the workplace has been quite hectic for the last few months. Increase in work load, decrease in business, environment changes piling up one over another, conflicts, political dances, uncertainty… Although I could handle everything until now, I was spared nothing.

Yesterday I felt that I reached my limits …

Practicalities of courtship 2006-12-05

Courtship; why is it so difficult?

You see this attractive person. This triggers “something” but there are no precise words to name what this “something” is.

How is it possible to get something that one cannot even identify? Understanding “how” requires understanding “why.” Here we go.

Courtship is the process …
Mind openers 2006-12-05

Be human.

We live in a world which makes it difficult to think, feel and behave on our own.

The mind is numbed by the media, feelings are standardized, freedom of speech is endangered, anarchy is frowned upon and uncommon fantasies are severly repressed. Morals are measured in dollars, the …

Site migration 2006-12-04

This week-end I decided to put my new website online. I had been preparing it for several weeks already, and there was where I was keeping this blog up-to-date.

After finding this beautiful skin from PyBOOM and designing a new logo myself yesterday (thanks to InkScape and The GIMP) I …

The pleasure is mine 2006-12-01

There were two guests at my place this week.

Hosting guests is one of the activities that help me keep care of my home.

There was a time when the mess would only be cleared when someone visited me. A reflex due to a contrast between the carelessness of youth …